"Bread is Cheap"

Here's me, Neil, sat at my computer,
busy being an architect.
This is exactly what I look like.

About Me:
42 year old architect and cartoonist. Being honest, I prefer being a cartoonist, architecture doesn't present many opportunities for humour....No-one I know seems to remembers my buildings, but they do seem to remember my cartoons. Been doodling since before I was born.

Highlands, Scotland
I'm often asked "what's it like being in such a remote place?"
To which I reply "it's not remote, it's right next to where I live".

If you've ever wondered what being an architect is like, this is a snapshot of the building team on every single project any architect has ever been involved in. The characters depicted here are fictional and are not intended to resemble any persons living or dead except the engineer because I actually know an engineer who looks just like this.

A creature from another world, bent on making as much money as possible at everyone else's expense.

A great evil which has been inflicted on mankind, they should be eradicated.

Never ever make the mistake of thinking the builder actually wants to be your friend.


A simple yet happy creature who's life revolves around every penny you spend, usually wears grey suits.

The builder also has a Q.S. in a constant struggle of good versus evil surveyor that goes on long after a building is built.



A complex vortex of litigation worries, the engineer ensures your building will last for all eternity.

I actually know an engineer who looks just like this. I have changed his name from 'Alasdair' to 'Tim' to protect his identity.

Tim, you know who you are.


Rich, generally overfed, the client ensures you do the maximum amount of work for the minimum amount of money. Only he and the contractor make fortunes in this industry.

Enjoys jokes about consultants going over cliffs in buses.

Actually all my clients are really nice people and I love them dearly.



A poor hapless, feckless individual, usually to be found floating around sites incongruously dressed in inappropriate colours. The only one doing what he does because he thinks he loves it, or at least is made to think he should by those who are not architects...

the highly spiritual nature of design work lends a mystical air to the architect not attributable to the others.

Architects live for that next project that might just make them the greatest architect who ever lived....none of the others live with such false hopes....


This is my dream house. Note the way the subtle tones of the stone and wood blend in with the dark shapes and shadows formed by the objects in the garden or "jardin" if you prefer. Compact yet functional, cheap to build and easy to heat, this could herald a new generation of buildings which might take the country by storm....

Unfortunately the planners won't allow it....

I love both single frame gags, and strip cartoons,
I have a special place in my heart for my
Three Frame Adventures
because they tend to generate the
biggest reaction.
But it doesn't really matter to me,

drawing any sort of cartoon which makes people laugh -
It's the best thing in the world.