Here's something I've been messing about with for a little while now,
Below is a gallery of efforts since I started.
Some of them are a bit manic, the colouring isn't that great but
I'm still struggling to master the art - it ain't easy!

The caricature of me (above) was done by Hanzz - the gentleman in the
top left of the gallery, who's better at this than I am, check the link to his website.

I don't have the original photos of the victims as I haven't yet asked their permission
to use them but will try to soon so you can see how they compare.
More will be added as they are done.
Some of the people feature on the e-caricatures forum and are themselves
caricature artists, worth a look if you're looking for one, a lot of them do
caricatures to order for birthdays, retirements and such.

Check out the links page for the e-caricatures forum and other caricature websites
Click on the thumbnails for a larger image